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Ad-pod Mini Bluetooth Marketing AOC7301-M

Bluetooth marketing
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Bluetooth marketing is a form of Proximity mobile marketing that allows businesses to send adverts to mobile/cell phones for free. This is achieved using an Ad-Pod which is a dedicated Bluetooth and Wifi sending device that enables the free transfer of content between mobile devices using the Bluetooth and Wifi signal. The transfer of the adverts is free for both the sender and receiver.

Ad-Pods have a suite of mobile marketing products that range from the Ad-Pod Mini which is the world's smallest portable mobile marketing solution to:

  • Ad-Pod Plus Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Advertising Glass
  • Smart Posters
  • NFC
  • App delivery
  • App creation
  • Interactive kiosks

These solultions give you the flexibility to sendeco-friendly paperless adverts to over 2000 different makes and models of mobile phone. The solutions are extremely versatile and can be used in static locations such as shop windows, bus shelters and point of sale stands as well as being used in a vehicle or to be worn by roving promotions staff in the high street or at exhibitions and events.

The Ad-Pod product suite enables you to send all manner of digital content from animated images or videos to redeemable coupons. This type of interactive advertising allows you to engage with your customers using rich media to drive more traffic and footfall to your website or business. â€¨â€¨

Outdoor advertising is simple with an Ad-Pod because it can be used on the move, enabling you to take your business promotion to large outdoor events such as exhibitions and concerts.

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